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Back in the day, your sensitive personal data was usually stored in a manilla folder tucked away in a filing cabinet. But times have changed, and with more individuals and families like you online, that important information is more at risk than ever, which is why you need protection with home cyber insurance

What is home cyber insurance?

From social security numbers to banking information, the personal information you put into your technology is a prime target for cyber attackers. This coverage, also called personal cyber insurance, can help protect in the event of a cyber attack targeted against you. This is a type of personal insurance that can offer protection for many of the personal devices you use at home—including laptops, smartphones, and tablets—and the personal data you store on them.

Get protection for a variety of cyber attacks and breaches.

Home cyber insurance can provide security against many types of incidents. For example, if you were to open an email and download a file that held a malicious virus, your personal cyber insurance coverage could help cover the costs of getting your computer system cleared of the virus and restoring any personal data that was lost. Beyond simple cyber attacks, your policy could also offer protection for cyber extortion, fraud, cyber bullying, data breach, and more. Your risk factors will help determine what kind of coverage you need.

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