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Business Spotlight: Jennifer Brulé of Davidson Ice House

By January 24, 2020Fogle Blog

Jennifer Brulé is a North Carolina chef, writer, and TV personality who develops recipes for national magazines, such as Shape and Fitness, as well as recipes for regional magazines. She is the chef and owner of Davidson Ice House and is an on-air chef for NBC Charlotte and Charlotte Today.

We wanted to recognize the opportunity Chef Jennifer Brulé had that she could not refuse when asked to be on Food Network’s “Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge” last year in November. It is a show centered around gathering six of the country’s most creative chefs and challenging them to put their personal culinary spin on one of America’s biggest culinary traditions – the Thanksgiving feast. The first round consists of their take on a classic Thanksgiving side and the final round has the chef’s making an entire Turkey dinner in just a single hour, using traditional ingredients from the very first Thanksgiving. One chef has a chance to win a grand prize of $25,000. We are so proud of Chef Jennifer for getting this opportunity. Chef Jennifer is also a regular morning show chef for NBC Charlotte and Charlotte Today, so you can often catch her there if you tune in!



Her restaurant, Davidson Ice House, opened up in 2018 and was a dream for Chef Jennifer to open up. Davidson Ice House is a paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free friendly spot inside a historic building that used tobe occupied by Davidson Ice Company in 1922. It has a build-your-own bowl and wrap concept with 8 signature items crafted by Chef Brulé herself. To give you an idea, you start with a base of either grains, rice, or greens. Next you pick a protein, unlimited veggies, a spread or two, and one or two sauces and you have yourself a delicious dish full of color and flavor. Their most popular bowl is called the Davidsonian and consists of grilled chicken, grilled slaw, maple glazed sweet potatoes, lemon pickled cauliflower, kale slaw, firecracker pimento cheese, and tangy apricot sauce. They also have delicious sides that you’ll probably want all three: sidewinder fries, broccoli cheese bites, and crunchy fried mushrooms. To top it all off, not only is Davidson Ice House diet-friendly, but earth-friendly! All of their cups, bowls, straws, cutlery, and trash bags are recyclable or biodegradable. The kitchen even practices vegetable composting. So grab yourself a bite to eat that will make both your taste buds and the earth happy, all in the heart of Davidson at Davidson Ice House. Thank you, Jennifer Brulé, for all that you do in the culinary world and bringing your unique touch (and taste!) to North Carolina.

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