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How Pet Insurance Can Substantially Help Vet Costs

When it comes to being pet parents, there are often unexpected medical misfortunes that arise. There is a common misconception among pet owners when it comes to the cost of vet care.

Misconception VS Reality of Vet Costs


  • Misconception: $8,000 would cover your pet’s lifetime vet bill.

  • The Reality: A pet’s lifetime vet bill is usually more than double $8,000.

[Average costs of medical emergencies for cats and dogs. These price ranges are dependent on geographical area, hospital size, level of care facility, and other factors.]

According to an article by Independent Agent Magazine, of a survey of over 1,300 American dog owners, conducted by Pumpkin (a pet insurance and wellness provider), 82% drastically underestimate how much it costs for veterinary care for their dog. Though even with this drastic underestimate, many still fear the cost of vet visits and medical care that as many as 39% have delayed taking their dogs to the vet. A staggering 87% of these pet owners are without pet insurance and more than half would be unable to pay out of pocket for a vet bill over $1,000. When unexpected medical mishaps end up on your plate, many pet parents find themselves choosing between their savings and their pet’s health. Pet insurance protects against unexpected vet bills.

How Would Pet Insurance Help Me Save on Vet Costs?

FIGO Pet Insurance will offer you a flexible and comprehensive plan to help cover costs of care, surgery diagnostics, and treatments arising from unexpected injuries and illness.  FIGO Pet Insurance will pay for the actual costs, up to the maximum Annual Veterinary Benefits limit, of any medically necessary treatment your pet receives during the policy period for a covered illness or accident, with 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% reimbursement after your deductible is met.

General areas of coverage you can find among pet insurance plans include:

  • Emergency Services
  • Hospitalization
  • Laboratory & Diagnostic Testing
  • Hereditary & Congenital Conditions
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Cancer Treatments

Some examples of more specific area of coverage you can find:

  • Orthopedic Conditions
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mobility Devices
  • Surgeries
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Prescription Medications
  • Specialist Treatments
  • Imaging
  • Non-Routine Dental
  • Pet Ambulance
  • Euthanasia

What is usually NOT covered under pet insurance: 

  • pre-existing conditions
  • Routine wellness and preventative care
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Preventative dental care
  • Vaccinations

FIGO does offer an optional Wellness add-on coverage to help cover costs of routine wellness and preventative care such as for vaccinations, bloodwork, spay/neuter, heartworm, and more.

FIGO offers three different tiers of plans: Essential, Preferred, and Ultimate. 
Essential: $5,000 Annual Veterinary Benefits Limit
Preferred (most popular): $10,000 Annual Veterinary Benefits Limit
Ultimate: unlimited Annual Veterinary Benefits


What is the Average Cost of a Pet Insurance Policy?

The monthly (and annual) premium of your pet insurance policy will vary depending on your customizable choice of reimbursement percentage and deductible amount, different add-on coverages, your location, as well as the age, breed, and sex of the dog or cat. On average, the monthly premium is about $49/month ($594 annually) for dogs and $29/month ($342 annually) for cats, according to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA). To give you an idea, here are some estimated average premium costs using FIGO’s customizable online quoting system:

  • Young dog: about $27-30/mo (about $336 annual premium)
  • Middle-aged dog: about $34-41/mo (about $444 annual premium)
  • Senior dog: about $116-127/mo (about $1,452 annual premium)
  • Young cat: about $11-13/mo (about $144 annual premium)
  • Middle-aged cat: $14-16/mo (about $180 annual premium)
  • Senior cat: $39-47/mo (about $516 annual premium)
How can I get lower rates?

You can save by enrolling in pet insurance when your pets are still young, paying annually instead of monthly, selecting a higher deductible, selecting a lower reimbursement rate, or a lower coverage limit.

As you can see, no matter the variations needed for the right coverage for your pet, your lifetime premium will end up less than the average lifetime cost of veterinary care. Having pet insurance will help you worry less about vet bills, knowing much of the care you will need is covered, so that you both can continue enjoying life together.

What’s My Next Step?

To review your coverage options and obtain an instant customizable quote, follow our agency’s link to FIGO Pet Insurance where you can design a plan that is best for you and your pet.


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