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Life Insurance Infographic

By September 17, 2020October 7th, 2021Fogle Blog, Life Insurance

Do you know what life insurance is? Do you have it? Do you need it? Many Americans aren’t fully aware of what Life Insurance is or how important and beneficial it can be. Here’s some quick basic snippets of Life Insurance for you to give you a better idea. Feel free to call us for with any questions and more information on how it works, what it costs, and which type is right for you.

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Life Insurance can help protect the people and things you love:  Children, Retirement, Home, Education, Final Expenses. 65% of people agree that having life insurance is a key part of taking care of their loved ones financially. 57% of people owned life insurance as of 2019. If you have dependents or a partner, you should have life insurance! Not as expensive as most think. Some think it is 5x more than it really is. Would cost about $13-14 a month for a healthy 30 year old. Part of a Sound Financial Plan - 4 in 10 households without life insurance would have immediate trouble paying living expenses if their primary wage earner passed away. Long Term Care & Cronic or Terminal Illness: Life insurance with living benefits can help to cover medical bills and other expenses.