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Protecting Boaters with Watercraft Insurance

As summer rolls in and heat climbs and summer vacations are underway, we know trips to the water are going to increase. From paddle boats to power boats and sail boats to jet skis, we want you to enjoy your time out on the water without worry – that is where Boat or Watercraft Insurance comes in.

Standard Features of Watercraft Insurance

> Insurance Coverage for Physical Damage

Physical damage to the boat or jet ski, whether that be from collision, fire, severe weather, theft, or vandalism, is covered under Watercraft Insurance which will equip you with coverage to aid in losses arising from these various types of physical damage. 


> Insurance Coverage for Property Damage Liability 

Liability coverage will protect you from costs or repair or replacement that arise from the damage you may cause to other boats and property while you are operating your watercraft. This type of coverage typically kicks in after a collision, but it may also help in other scenarios.

> Insurance Coverage for Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily Injury Liability coverage can cover the costs associated with any injuries to others as the result of an accident where you are at fault. This coverage may help prevent you from paying out of pocket for medical bills and other related costs — like loss of income — when someone is injured in an accident you caused with your boat. 


If you are about to hit the lake, ocean, or marina and don’t have coverage on your watercraft, reach to us or your local independent agent to get the coverage you need so you can enjoy the sunshine, water, family, and friends with more leisure.