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Protecting Business Owners: Disability Income Insurance

By May 4, 2021October 7th, 2021Disability Income, Fogle Blog

With 35 years of experience in the Insurance Industry Shawn Fogle Principi and her team are able to find you a disability income insurance policy that fits your needs.This Month in Lake Norman Woman’s June Magazine issue, Shawn talks about what Disability Income Insurance is, what it covers, and some of the different options available.

What is disability income insurance?

Disability Income (DI) Insurance protects loss of income if you are out of work due to a disability.  This is 24/7 worldwide protection.

What about Workers Compensation?

Many small business owners “exclude” themselves from WC.  A DI policy would be in your personal name and give you coverage on and off the job.  Losing your income could be detrimental to your business’ ability to function.

 What would it cover?

DI policies typically cover about 60% of your salary and the policy will integrate with Social Security.  The percentage changes based on your employment class and the amount of income you have to insure.  60% of your salary is a lot more than what most people have who are not covered – 0%.

  • If the premium is paid by the employer, the premium is tax deductible
  • If paid by the individual, once eligible, the benefit would be tax free
What are my options?

There are many ways to customize your coverage and see what is most important to you.  There are riders that can be added to the coverage, it can grow along with you and your business – examples of added coverages are

  • Cost of living/inflation increases
  • Business overhead expenses – reimbursement of costs for normal business operations
  • Guaranteed insurability – allows you to increase the benefit as your income increases without showing proof of medical insurability
  • Own occupation – lengthens the typical definition of disability to center around what you have been trained for, not based on how you can be retrained in a different field
  • Policy Coordination – you can coordinate an individual plan and an employer sponsored plan if needed
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