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Christmas Gift Ideas to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

By December 5, 2022December 13th, 2022Fogle Blog, Holiday, Insurance, Safety

Christmas Gift Ideas to Keep loved ones safe

We know you want to keep the people you care about safe or give them great advice whether it comes to their home, vehicles, or business. Maybe you like techy gifts or gifts that are more practical. Maybe you yourself are looking for these kinds of gifts to ask for! If any of this is true for you, then check out our gift guide below for items and gadgets, from big gifts to stocking stuffers, that are all about protection. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

You will find here:     
     Gifts for the Home and Vehicles     
     Gifts for Cybersecurity and the Business Owners & Business Savvy
     Gifts for Workers Who Get Their Hands Dirty
     Gifts for Emergencies


Gifts for the Home and Vehicles


water leak security detection device

Flo by Moen Smart Home Water Security System

We certainly know water leak damage is a claim that can often occur for homeowners, so we suggest getting a water security system that has a water leak detector capability, such as Flo by Moen, to help your home from water damage.  

It is stated that this system has a shut-off capability, can track water usage, catch undetected leaks and irregularities in water pressure, water flow, and area temperature, and lower your insurance premiums.

Shop Flo by Moen


Home Security Cameras

  While having a security alarm system for your home is important when it comes to the safety of you, your family, home, and belongings, security cameras can be a first step and a great add-on to your system to help deter break-ins.

Arlo security camera system

Arlo Security Cameras and System
Alro has all the camera devices you could want for your home! They have security cameras, doorbell cameras, floodlight cameras, and a new home security system. Their new wireless security camera has 4K HDR video and an ultra-wide field of view. You can even save up to 25% with their bundles.

Shop Arlo products


Blink Mini security camera

Blink Mini Security Camera
The budget friendly camera option. A compact smart security camera by Amazon that has HD video, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, and is compatible with Alexa.

Shop Blink Mini security camera



dash cam for car

Dash Cam for the Car

Accidents happen on the road all the time. You don’t always see them coming and they often happen when you least expect it. Having a dash cam for the car is great to have when it comes to accidents where you were not at fault. It’s a helpful way to provide proof  to insurance carriers when specific details are being contested.

We found this compact dash cam on Amazon that is currently discounted and has a 1080P wide angle camera, night vision, 24 hours parking mode, loop recording, built in WiFi and App control.    Shop dash cam


Car Mirror Protective Film

These waterproof protective mirror films are advertised to allow you to see more clearly in bad weather such as rain and fog. They are said to be anti-dust, anti-scratch, anti-glare, and anti-reflective which may be able to aid nighttime driving. This is a great low-cost stocking stuffer item.

Shop car mirror films


windshield cover protection

Windshield Cover

Windshield covers help to protect your windshield from storm elements such as ice, frost, and snow. This can make your early morning work days less frustrating when you don’t have to spend time using a scraper to scrape off ice or snow, which often leads to us hitting the road with some ice or snow still on our windows and our visibility impeded and that is not safe for you or others.

Shop LADER windshield cover


Gifts for Cybersecurity, Cyber Nerds, Business Owners, and the Business Savvy

cybersecurity pfsense router

pfSense router by Netgate

Calling all business owners! pfSense is an open source security and firewall solution for large, medium, small, and at-home businesses. A pfSense router is a security gateway that is ideal for protecting your network, especially when it comes to smart device applications. These smart devices that use your network are often insecure or buggy, which can lead to a wider compromise of your home or business network and all the data is compromises. A pfSense router is said to help segment network traffic to isolate any potentially buggy devices. This router and a Cyber Liability Policy is a really great start to building up your cybersecurity army for your business!      Shop pfSense router

cybersecurity password manager

A Password Manager Subscription

Where do you plan to store all those clever (or not so clever) passwords? Hopefully not in an insecure notes app or a pad of paper. We suggest a password manager! While many password managers are free, many come with paid premium features that allow you to securely synchronize your passwords across many devices and may even be able to alert you when password breaches occur on your devices. The popular password manager, 1Password, offers different subscription membership options based in your needs, whether it’s just for you, a family, a small team of 10 members, or for a larger business. They offer digital gift cards that you can gift to someone who would benefit.

Shop 1Password Digital Gift Cards

Shop 1Password Membership Options


anti-theft backpack bookbag bag

The Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack by XD Design

From its innovative design and a list of features, we think this is such a unique and cool item that not many people know about! The design of this backpack cleverly hides the zippers and pockets for small items against the wearer’s back, making it much harder for a thief to find them and get into them. It also claims to be made out of cut-resistant and water repellent material. Inside, the storage area is designed to accommodate a variety of tech gadgets, with an integrated external USB charging port.

Shop Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack


silent pocket wifi blocking cybersecurity wallets sleeves

Silent Pocket Sleeves & Wallets

Ever think cyber thieves could get to your cards when they are still in your wallet? Let me explain – cybercriminals have learned how to read the magnetic strips on your credit card while it is still in your wallet. They can read chip-enabled cards as well. Luckily, there are materials to use that are designed to make your devices and credit cards invisible, untrackable, and silent. Whether you are a minimalist or not, the SLNT brand has a range of sizes, types, and colors of wallets and sleeves to protect credit cards, mobile devices, and tablets from wireless, cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, and NFC hackers.

Shop SLNT Products


cellphone laptop device privacy screen filter

Device Privacy Screen

For a lot of us, most of our vital personal information is digitally stored on a number of devices, and white these thin, sticky screen don’t seem like much, they are vital in helping to prevent visual data breach and hacking efforts. If you or a loved one is someone who travels a lot or find themselves working on the go on a plane, train, bus, or at the airport, a privacy screen is vital. These screen will allow you to check your personal or business data without having to worry about someone getting a sneak peek. There are tons out there for phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, etc. so here are a couple finds, but take a look around for ones that fit your model of phone and device!

Shop ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite iPhone Screen Protector

Shop SightPro 15.6 in Laptop Privacy Screen

identity theft guard stamp

Identity Theft Guard Stamp

Another simple stocking stuffer gift. Shredders can get expensive, take up space, are noisy, and a bit messy. When you don’t need to shred the entire document and are only needing to protect say your social security number on page 5, this is where a stamp can come handy by blocking out sensitive information instead of shredding. A special crafted pattern is used that is supposed to make it impossible to see information printed underneath. They are small, cheap, and portable. 

Shop identity theft guard stamp


Gifts for Workers Who Get Their Hands Dirty


LED magnetic flashlight pickup tool

LED Magnetic Flashlight & Pickup Tool

For those you care about who may be mechanics or someone who works in spaces where it is hard to see, they would be sure to appreciate being gifted an LED magnetic flashlight and pickup tool. This nifty flashlight is compact, portable, and also has a flexible extension to help illuminate dark, narrow, hard-to-reach places. It has a magnetic base that you can attach to anything metal such as the underhood of a car, so you are free to use both hands. It also has magnetic pickup tool to help retrieve items such as metal nuts, bolts, and screws.

Shop LED magnetic flashlight & pickup tool



multitool tool

Multitool 13 in 1 Gadget

Who doesn’t love a good gadget that has multiple tools in one? It’s conveinent, portable, saves space, and is handy for multiple kinds of jobs. This multitool has a screwdriver hole, hammer, hex wrenches, nail claw, blade, can opener, fish scaler, bottle opener, flat screwdriver, nail file, screwdriver storage, and a saw blade. Just enough to help you get the job done.

Shop multitool gadget


safety work construction boots

Safety Work Boots

When you are on the job site, safety should come first. Always wear boots that are designed to help protect your feet and movement. It’s recommended they have great ankle and arch support, are supportive but bend and flex at essential points to move with you, have a protective toe area, and are slip, oil, water, abrasion, and chemical-resistant for added protection on the job site. 

Shop WOLVERINE Overpass boots

insulated leather safety work gloves

Safety Work Gloves

Insulted leather gloves are a necessity when it comes to working more rugged jobs, especially outdoors. Insulation will help to keep you able in working longer when the temperature drops. Safety work gloves are essential in protecting your hands from certain types of injury. Choose a glove that has high dexterity, durability, comfort, and an excellent grip ability. 

Shop Carhartt Insulated Leather Work Gloves


Gifts for Emergencies

These are the items everyone should have handy. So if you know somebody that doesn’t have some kind kit or item to be used in emergencies, here are some suggestions.

car vehicle roadside assistance emergency kit

Car Roadside Emergency Kit

The inventible happens when you are on the road and you never know when you car will try to sabotage your good day. While we highly recommend you having Towing and Roadside Assistance coverage on your Auto policy, it’s also a good idea to have an emergency roadside assistance kit in your car to try to help yourself fix smaller problems. We found a kit that comes with a whopping 142 pieces in it’s safety kit, including items like jumper cables, a multi-function tool set, traction rope, gloves, first aid kit, a glass window breaker, and more.

Shop car emergency kit


waterproof boat first aid kit

Waterproof Boat First Aid Emergency Kit

Do you have a friend or family member who lives that lake life or loves to go fishing, kayaking, or rafting? Make sure they are equipped with a waterproof emergency kit that is designed to keep inner items dry.

Shop Well-Srong waterproof boat first aid kit



hardcase emergency first aid kit

A Hardcase First Aid Kit

It’s common knowledge by now that everyone should have an emergency first aid kit in their home, car, and office, but you will find that many people actually do not have complete first aid kits! Especially in multiple places. We suggest a hardcase one that is built to last. We’ve linked a double sided one that is ideal for the workplace, whether for a small business, independent contractors, offices, or schools, but you can find a smaller and cheaper alternative for your car and home or small office.

Shop Swiss Safe hardcase first aid kit


hurricane storm safety mini LED fashlights

Mini-LED Flashlight Set

Having a whole stash of mini, pocket-friendly flashlights for your family (and ones that children can easily use) is a helpful item to include in your storm or hurricane supplies in the event of a power outage, as well as when going camping or hiking. It’s a simple essential tool, but you never know when you may really need it, so throw it into those stockings! 

Shop mini LED flashlights


personal alarm safety keychain

Personal Alarm Keychain

While many of these devices are marketed as self defense alarm/siren keychains for women, they are for anyone and can be used in other situations as well – needing rescue during a hurricane or other storm, hiking, or someone calling for help whether it be a child, the elderly, or a patient. The Thopeb one contains a loud alarm sound and a high-intensity strobe light to aid in being seen and found in emergency situations, as well as to deter anyone who may be trying to cause harm.

Shop Thopeb personal alarm keychains


We hope this was useful and provided you with plenty of ideas for more practical yet still thoughtful gifts for those around you that you care about.

Happy Holidays and STAY SAFE! 


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