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Stocking Stuffer Ideas – Insurance Edition!

By November 15, 2019Fogle Blog

If you are struggling to find something to put in your loved ones stocking or maybe a small gift for an office party please consider one of the options below!



1.These waterproof protective film for your side mirrors are advertised to allow you to see clearly in bad weather.

2.Windshield covers protect your car from harsh weather, especially frost that can accumulate overnight and impede visibility on your way to work.

3. Water Leak Detectors installed in crucial parts of your home can save money in the long run. Read our blog post for more information!

4. A video doorbell is a nifty tool that is supposed to deter break ins without having to pay a security company. While we do recommend that you protect your home with a full monitored alarm system, we understand that does not fit in everyone’s budget.

5. A First Aid kit is always an essential to keep in your home and car!