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Water Leak Detectors – Money Savers

By October 17, 2019Fogle Blog


Did you know that most insurance carriers will deny water claims if the leak has been ongoing more than 14 days? In the event of a large pipe burst or toilet overflow you will know of the damage immediately, but if there is a slow leak in the wall or floor/ceiling you may not know until it is too late. If the claim is denied by your carrier than the cost of repair comes out of your pocket.

A water leak detector system is the easiest way to help avoid this issue.

What is a Water Leak Detector?

There are a few different models for your consideration.* The most wallet friendly options simply detect the presence of water in your home and they would sound an alarm; you would place them around your water heaters, pipes, drains, toilets or under sinks. For a little more you can purchase a system that connects to your water meter. Through an app you would be able to track your water usage and will be alerted of any potential leaks.

How will this Benefit Me?

Finding and repairing a small leak early will save money on your water bill, reduce or eliminate repair cost to the surrounding area, and will mitigate mold issues.

Here are some Water Leak Detector options.**

Do you already have a Water Leak Detector? You may be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s policy! Send us an email to find out.




*There are more options for water leak detection systems, not all are covered in this blog. Please do your research and chose one that suits your needs and budget.

**We do not get compensation from any link in this blog.